Nicholson Onion Top Tail Remover - Finish Topper

The Nicholson Top Tailer has been developed to meet the exacting demands of retail outlets requiring high quality display crops without damage. By using a unique twisted stainless steel shaft rotating against smooth faced, spring- loaded polypropylene rollers, the cut is made without pressure on the neck. The spirals run crossways to the crop flow and have right and left twists to ensure rotational movement of the onion. This continuous smooth flow without oscillation or vibration minimises crop damage. The Top Tailer can be used on the onion straight from store or as finishing machine before packing the onion. The machine will top and tail down to 30mm, so pre-grading is not necessary. A 1.2m infeed conveyor is supplied as standard, longer options are available. To maintain absolute control across a wide range of conditions and flow, the bed is split into separate drives with variable speed to each set of rollers. Rams are fitted to vary the pitch of the bed at the discharge end.

Compared to traditional labor intensive systems, the NicholsonTop Tail produces a more consistent finish, with low levels of damage to the crop.


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