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Stretch Wrapping Machines IPM Affordable II Stretch Wrapper
The "Affordable II" Stretch Wrapper provides low volume shippers with a high quality, high performance, low investment answer to stretch wrapping costs. Stretch wrapping with film or netting unitizes your pallet load to reduce pilferage, loss and breakage.
Stretch Wrapping Machines IPM Model 10/10 Stretch Wrapper
The Power Pre-Stretch (PPS) has a fixed ratio with 150, 200, 250 or 300% easy to change pre-stretch drive sprockets.
Stretch Wrapping Machines IPM Model 20/20 Stretch Wrapper
The Model 20/20 is a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper with a State-of-the-Art Development to meet today's sophisticated market. It incompasses many useful tools to provide fast and efficient performance.
Stretch Wrapping Machines IPM "Wide Web" Stretch Wrapper
IPM offers a wide selection of "Wide Web" stretch wrapper models to accomodate low, medium and high production requirements. NEMA 12 controls are ergonomically designed and simple to use. IPM backs its high quality performance with a 3-year warranty on every machine; 2 year additional warranty on 6000lbs. capacity turntable drive systems.
Stretch Wrapping Machines IPM-Automatic Model 88-4000 Stretch Wrapper
Spiral wrapping with 30" wide film reduces film useage because of less overlapping. It reduces labor because fewer wraps are required and wrapping of load is quicker. Less wear and tear because fewer revolutions per load extends the life of the wrapper.

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