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Strapping Machines Stra-Pack RQ8 Automatic Strapping Machine
Amazing strapping speed with a strapping cycle time of 1.5 seconds, the machine is capable of up to 40 straps per second.
Strapping Machines Stra-Pack RQ-8Y Automatic Strapping Machine
The machine fits any existing or proposed conveyor system without modification, adapts to any conveyor height and needs no special feed-in equipment.
Strapping Machines Stra-Pack RQ-8Y/PLT Automatic Portable Pallet Strapping Machine
RQ-8Y/PLT is a portable strapping machine. TORQUE TENSIONING SYSTEM allows high-tension capability (100kgf). Strapack's advanced Slide Arch Unit assures perfect strap placement.
Strapping Machines Stra-Pack AQ-7 Automatic Strapping Machine
Minimum of 27 cycles per minute (Depending on package size). Tension is adjustable via a conveniently positioned dial. Consistent tensioning from 0 to 70kg (80mm stroke) is provided by a tension arm system. Machine body is small and light, easy to maneuver. Newly designed arch ensures more precise strap positioning and reduces strap twisting. Arch size variations are available.
Strapping Machines Stra-Pack AQ-7M Stainless Side Seal Automatic Strapping Machine
The new model for the meat and seafood industries. With the same quality as the previous model (SS-80MD), the strapping speed has increased by 15% (2.0 sec. per cycle) and the body weight has become lighter and more portable. In addition, table height is adjustable to three positions.
Strapping Machines Stra-Pack D-53 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
Utilizing two DC direct drives, the D-53 is a unique, belt-less tabletop strapping machine. This model can be used with strap widths ranging from 5mm to 15.5mm. Strap coil replacement is made simple with its open body construction.

Strapping Machines Stra-Pack S-669 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
Space-saving design. Amazing tension range from such a compact model. Accepts 6mm - 15.5mm strap with simple adjustment. Energy-saving circuit featured.
Strapping Machines Stra-Pack JK-2 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
The innovative JK-2 is Strapack's latest and most modern semi-automatic strapping machine. Designed and manufactured based on customer needs and opinions expressed over Strapack's extensive history of manufacturing quality strapping machines, the JK-2 guarantees satisfaction in various types of applications.

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