Nicholson Onion Raiser / Windrower

The Nicholson Onion Raiser / Windrower lifts the onion from the soil and lays the onion on the surface to take advantage of the drying conditions. Pick up web provides variable, gentle agitation to remove root soil. The onion is delivered to the ground with minimal crop height to decrease damage.

The Vidalia Sweet Onion, as well as any short day onion, requires delicate handling to prevent damage and bruising. Bearing this in mind, the Nicholson Onion Raiser / Windrower was designed specifically for the Vidalia Sweet Onion. After the Nicholson Field Topper has topped the onion, the onion is lifted into windrows for drying. The Nicholson Onion Raiser / Windrower gently lifts the onion out of the ground, carries them across a belt where four stations are positioned for grading, rolls the bed and gently lays the onion atop the fresh bed of soil to dry (depending on model). Drying time will vary depending on the conditions. The grading stations allow grading out the rocks, weeds, stems, and etc. leaving them behind in the wheel rows. Rolling the beds allows the onion to dry setting atop a fresh bed of soil. The delivery belt is angled toward the ground allowing for a more gently delivery of the onion to the bed of soil.

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