Nicholson Onion Harvester

The Onion Harvester is a purpose designed and engineered alternative to the commonly used converted potato harvesters whose webs are too steep and cleaning systems too aggressive for easily damaged onions. Operating capacity is around 60 tons/hour.

Harvesting onions, particularly a sweet onion, is an area where damage can be reduced. Most onion harvesters are too steep creating rollback, unsuitable cleaning devices creating skinning or bruising, cart elevator too narrow so must run at high speed creating damage in the trailer.

The Nicholson Onion Harvester has been specifically built to overcome these problems, at a reasonable cost. The Nicholson Onion Harvester gently lifts the onion from the field, ideally from atop the windrow bed contrived by the Nicholson Onion Raiser. The onion is then carried across a cushioned web leaving the small unmarketable onion in the field. Next the onion is advanced to the mechanically controlled elevator and gently delivered to the trailer.


  • Auto depth control
  • Self leveling
  • Self steering
  • Mechanically folding elevator
onion harvester


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