Nicholson Onion Field Topper

The Nicholson Onion Field Topper is a fast, efficient method of topping the onion without creating mulch or staining, even when working with green onion tops. It has enough suction to lift layed over onion tops. The clean cut seals quickly. The onion topper's high inlet with manual or automatic height adjustment accepts standing onion tops while maintaining high ground speeds. Cut onion tops and debris is delivered into the wheel tracks. There is a choice of 1, 2 and 3 row onion field toppers.

Available for 60", 68", 72", 80" and 88" row design.


  • Quick, clean cut; not shredded.
  • 2 Stage cutting and discharge reduces mulching and staining.
  • Suitable for green tops.
  • Better presentation for tops into the wheel tracks.
  • High inlet to accept a standing crop.
  • Manual or Auto height adjustment.
  • High ground speed.
  • HP requirements : 80 HP for a single row : 135 HP for 3 row.


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