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Caretaker, Portable Grading Unit, Grading Tong Peal Caretaker Grading System
  • Portable Grading Unit
  • High Capacity Grader
  • Low Maintenance
  • now with Evolution Separator
  • Separator, Clod Separator Tong Peal Clod Separator
  • Separate stone and clods from product
  • Potato, Onion, Beetroot, Bulbs
  • Store the product clean
  • reception hopper, hopper, hoppers, receiving hopper, line starter, even flow, side tipping hopper, end tipping hopper, high capacity hopper, custom design hopper Tong Peal Reception Hopper / Line Starter / Even Flow
  • Side Tipping Hopper
  • Rear Entry Infeed Hopper
  • Box/Crate Tipper & Reception Hopper
  • High Capacity Hopper
  • Custom Design Hopper
  • washer, washing, produce washer Tong Peal Economy Washing System
  • Gentle handling - no crop damage
  • Complete Washing System
  • Tong Peal Polisher, high volume polisher, Rock and Roll Polisher Tong Peal TPMM Polisher
  • High Volume Polisher
  • No drive belts / No sprockets
  • Potato, Carrot, and other rootcrop
  • 'Rock 'n Roll' Polisher
  • U Polisher, Rotary Brush Polisher, Tong Peal U Brush Polisher
  • Econimical Rotary Brush Polisher
  • Unique By-Pass System
  • Hydrolically adjustable thru-put angle
  • destoner, stone remover Tong Peal Destoner
  • Potato, Carrot, Parsnip, Turnip, and other rootcrops
  • Electric Speed Adjustment
  • Screen Sizing, Screen Sizer, Sizer, Screens Tong Peal Screen Sizing
  • 5 - 50 tons per hour
  • Variable speed motors for agitation and screen speeds
  • Anti-cut rollers
  • Screen fitted with ejection system which alleviates damage to long tubers
  • Quick screen changing
  • Very accurate; extremely gently; long lasting
  • Drier, Sponge Drier, Felt Drier, dry product, product drying Tong Peal Sponge and Felt Driers
  • Several models available
  • Dry produce after washing
  • Stainless or Mild Steel Construction
  • Felt Material option instead of Sponge
  • Felt drying very good; allows product to retain enough moisture to flow smoothly thru packaging machine without damage
  • Tong Peal, Barrel Washer, Booster Bar, Center Brush, Pintle Lining to Washer Barrel, Mud Scraper Chains, Mud Auger, washing, vegetable washer, vegetable washing, produce washing, produce washer Tong Peal Barrel Washer
  • High Pressure Spray Washing
  • Adjustable Rotating Center Brush
  • Auger Mud Removers
  • Pintle Lining to Washer Barrel
  • Mud Scraper Chain - Inline
  • Heavy Duty Barrel Drive System
  • Filter Elevator
  • Scraper Chain - Side
  • Tong Peal, box filler, fallbreaker, finger belt easy fill, maxi-fill box filler, mega fill box filler, micro fill box filler, midi-fill box filler, mini-fill box filler, single box filler, uni-fill, weighing, box filling, fill boxes, produce box filler, potato box filler, onion box filler Tong Peal Box Filler
  • Semi Automatic Fallbreaker
  • Finger Belt Easy-Fill Box Filler
  • Maxi-Fill Box Filler
  • Mega-Fill 2 Ton Box Filler
  • Micro-Fill Box Filler
  • Midi-Fill Box Filler
  • Mini-Fill - New Generation Box Filler
  • Single Box Filler
  • Uni-Fill Box Filler
  • Box or Big Bag Weighing
  • Tong Peal, Economy Filler, Big Bag Filler, Tote filler, big bag filler, tone filler, easy load, jet-fill high capacity, solo-fill, box filler, uni-fill, filler Tong Peal Big Bag and/or Tote Filler
  • Economy Big Bag Filler
  • Easy Load Big Bag Filler
  • Jet-Fill High Capacity Big Bag Filler
  • Solo-Fill Big Bag Filler
  • Uni-Fill Big Bag and Box Filler
  • Tong Peal, box tippers, crate tippers, even flow model, hydraulic clamp lid, light guards, simple tipper, twin box tippers, 150 tip model, 160 tip model, box tipping Tong Peal Box Tipper
  • Crate Tippers
  • Even Flow Hopper
  • Hydraulic Clamp Lid
  • Foolproof Light Guard Protection
  • Twin Box Tipper
  • 150 Degree Box Tipper
  • 160 Degree Box Tipper
  • Tong Peal, Economy Filler, Big Bag Tipper, tip big bags, bag securing hooks, big bag tipper, forward feed conveyor, health and safey, bag tipping, big bag tipping Tong Peal Big Bag Tipper
  • safe and gently emptying of Big Bags or Totes
  • handles Big Bags with ease
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