Tong Peal Uni-Fill Box Filler

The Tong Peal Uni-Fill is designed to fill big bags or boxes speedily without damage to the crop.

A reversible conveyor feeds the crop to vertical elevators which are lowered into the box/bag.

As the crop flows the elevator rises via sensors until they are full.

When one elevator has filled the box/bag the crop conveyor is automatically reversed and the elevator on the other side begins.

The cycle continues for as long as filled boxes/bags are replaced with empty ones.

When using boxes the conveyor and elevator traverse over the box to give an even, gentle filling.

Electrical controls include a micro processor, crop sensors and micro switches.

There are two automatic programmes. One for boxes and one for big bags.

There are also manual over-ride controls on buttons on the panel door.

A feed elevator with a 600 mm wide flighted belt can be supplied.

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Tong Peal Uni-Fill Box Filler

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