Tong Peal Custom Design Hopper

Tong Peal have a capability of manufacturing any type of hopper to handle almost any material.

Whatever your needs are contact us and discuss them with us - together with Tong Peal our experience is vast.

Recent times have seen Tong Peal supply a contrasting range of hoppers.

Mobile hopper for soil for garden work at Canary Warf.

Bin system for holding graded charcoal.

Feed bins for freshly cooked dog biscuits.

Feed hoppers for tyres into shreeders for rubber recycling.

Hopper conveyor system for waste recycling.

Vegetable hopper in stainless steel for parsnips.

Potato bins and distribution conveyors in France.

All Tong Peal hoppers are available in mild steel or stainless steel.

Click here to email us your requirements.

Tong Peal Custom Design Hopper to fit your requirements.

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