Dust and Onion Husk Extraction Systems

Dust and Onion Husk Extraction Systems. SGE identified the many problems that dust and onion skin or husk created in the potato and onion packing sheds and now offer a custom designed extraction solution. With SGE’s extraction solution we offer customers a cleaner facility, reduction in downtime, labor savings all while promoting a safer work environment.

Dust is created in unloading trucks, tipping bins, cleaning, brushing, finish topping, during the transfer of the product from one conveyor to another, or at the packaging machinery. We enclose, capture and extract dust at each of these points. Onions shed loose skins and dust when entering the packaging or processing line direct from the field or storage. Suction hoods are strategically placed throughout the line to extract the loose skins. The collection of dust and onion skins, and delivering the waste to a specified location helps keeps the packaging facility cleaner and reduces labor costs of cleanup.

With many facilities advancing into more automated lines, an extraction system helps keep dust and onion husks out of controls, cameras, sensors, bearings, conveyor belts, motors and gearboxes allowing customers to experience less downtime, more productivity and labor savings.

With more strict standards with Health and Safety, packing facilities are becoming more enclosed and no longer enjoying the benefits of air movement of an open facility. The extraction system removing the dust and loose onion skins increases air quality, lowers risk of injury, and promotes a healthier and safer work environment.

Dust and Husk Extraction System


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