AQ-7M Stainless Steel Side Seal Automatic Strapping Machine

The new model for the meat and seafood industries. With the same quality as the previous model (SS-80MD), the strapping speed has increased by 15% (2.0 sec. per cycle) and the body weight has become lighter and more portable. In addition, table height is adjustable to three positions.

In the moisture-laden environments of poultry, meat and seafood processing the corrosion free AQ-7M is the most durable strapping machine available. All of the parts on the AQ-7M are made of stainless steel or waterproof materials. The fully enclosed cabinet protects the components from water and wash down spray. The bottom of the cabinet is reinforced to provide extra protection where moisture exposure is greatest. An internal heat lamp assists in evaporating whatever moisture accumulates inside the machine. The sealing head is side mounted to protect it from moisture and residue. The tension arm system on the AQ-7M assures positive and accurate tensioning of damp strapping.

The AQ-7M can strap boxes as small as 80mm or 3 1/8" high. The roller table height is adjustable and can be removed to fit the AQ-7M into an existing conveyor system.

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