IPM-Automatic Model 88-4000 Stretch Wrapper

Standard Features

  • Uni-Tension "F" fixed ratio power pre-stretch system
  • Air dancer maintains constant force-to-load wrapping tension.
  • Hot wire film cutter & smooth brush wiping action
  • Audible alarm & shutdown for film break/depletion & safety
  • Integral control cabinet simplifies installaton
  • Load flow in either direction
  • "Soft start" & "soft stop" turntable
  • Film width up to 30" (750mm)
  • Progammable Logic Control (PLC)
  • Selectable wrapping programs
  • Automatic lengthwise load centering
  • Automatic load height sensing
  • Wrapper bypass conveyor switch
  • Interface controls for conveyors
  • NEMA 12 enclosures & controls
  • Cycle counter
  • 30" Film Capacity
    Spiral wrapping with 30" wide film reduces film useage because of less overlapping. It reduces labor because fewer wraps are required and wrapping of load is quicker. Less wear and tear because fewer revolutions per load extends the life of the wrapper. 30" film width capacity is standard on all IPM automatic wrappers.

    Optional Equipment
    HI-SLIDE telescoping mast for tall loads and top compression platen for unstable loads. Top & bottom roping attachment. Turntable load capacities to 10.000#. Hi-speed turntable drive - 24 rpm. Transformer for other voltage. Power & gravity conveyors with staging controls. Load alignment rail & remote control for conveyor side loading. Automatic "belly banding". Automatic top sheet dispenser. 90 degree load discharge. Flush-top turntable conveyor. Infinitely variable Uni-Tension "V". Extended base & oversize turntable for long loads. Custom color or epoxy paint. Turntable ring bearing

    Stretch Wrapper

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    Film Elevator
    Film Elevator is equipped with a dual chain lift and space-age UHM/WPE (ultra high molecular weightpolyethylene) side bearings. It is driven by a 3/4 HP DC TEFC motor.

    Standard Specifications
    Load Capacity:4,000# (1812kgs)
    Max. load size: 80"(2032mm) diag.
    Max. load height: 85"(2159mm)
    Turntable speed adj:2 to 14 rpm.
    Turntable motor:3/4 HP D.C TEFC
    Conveyor speed adj:60 fpm.
    Conveyor motor:1/2 HP D.C TEFC
    Film width capacity:30" (750mm)
    Elevator motor:3/4 HP D.C TEFC
    Electrical power:115 volts
    Air required:2 clm at 80 psi
    Passline (TOR):16" (406mm)
    Shipping weight:3800# (1721 kgs)


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