IPM "Wide Web" Stretch Wrapper

The "Wide Web" Stretch Wrapping offers speed and economy of film use at all production rate levels. "Wide Web" is preferred when products are approximately the same in height and generally uniform in shape. Only two or three wraps are required to secure most loads; pilferage, loss and breakage are dramatically reduced.
IPM offers a wide selection of "Wide Web" stretch wrapper models to accomodate low, medium and high production requirements. NEMA 12 controls are ergonomically designed and simple to use. IPM backs its high quality performance with a 3-year warranty on every machine; 2 year additional warranty on 6000lbs. capacity turntable drive systems.

Platform Turntable
Platform model, for use with forklifts, is equipped with a 1/4 inch thick x 48 inch (1219mm) square turntable with rounded corners. The Model 5505W has 3 point turntable support with only polyurethane drive wheel and two phenolic wheels with Timken tapered roller bearings. No chain and sproket linkage.
The Model 8805W has 4 point turntable support with direct drive through a double-reduction gearhead. Four phenolic support wheels with Timken tapered roller bearings. Central lubrication

Low Profile Turntable
Low Profile model, for use with forklifts or pallet jacks is equipped with a 3/8 inch x 60 inch (1524mm) diameter round turntable. The Model LP05W has 400 lbs (1812kg) capacity, 0-10 RPM and is powered by a 1/2 HP DC motor with exclusive non-stretch, non-slip, non-jamming drive. Six steel support wheels and permanently sealed lubrication.
The Optional 6000 lbs (2718kg) capacity. has a 0-10 RPM, is powered by a 3/4 HP DC motor with exclusive non-slip, non-jamming belt drive. "Soft" start and "soft" stop standard with six steel support wheels that have permanent sealed lubrication.

Film Delivery Systems

  • 5 inch Electromagnetic Brake
  • Magnetic Particle Brake
  • Uni-Tension Powered Pre-Stretch (up to 4 to 1 yield)
  • Ultra-Disc Brake (Affordable II series only)
  • Up to 80 inch Film Roll Size Capacity
  • Options

  • Frame Extension
  • Integrated Weight Scale
  • Pit Mounting (8805W and 88 Uni-Tension only)
  • Dual Turntable
  • Gravity Turntable Conveyer
  • Top Compression Platen
  • Extra Ramp for Low Profile Model
  • Stretch Wrapper Stretch Wrapper

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