IPM Model 20/20 Stretch Wrapper

The Model 20/20 is a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper with a State-of-the-Art Development to meet today's sophisticated market. It incompasses many useful tools to provide fast and efficient performance, such as the following:

LCD with menu & instructions for program & sequence selection
Touch key pad to select & store program options. Operating controls include START/RESUME, CONTROL ON/PAUSE, and STOP
Knobs to adjust turntable & film elevator speeds
Status lights indicate power, ready & tension
Industrial push button controls for stop, control on/ pause & start/resume

Interchangeable Turntable
Unique to the 20/20 is that the low profile 60" diameter round turntable, support ring with outrigger wheels and loading ramp can be replaced with a 48" square platform turntable in about 30 minutes. Turntables are driven by a non-stretch, non-jamming belt powered by an adjustable speed, 3/4 HP D.C. gearhead motor.

New Tower/Alternate Roller-Brake
The new heavy-duty #7 steel tower provides ruggedness and stability. The new film carriage elevator with UHMW polyethylene slides requires no lubrication. A dual roller chain hoist that provides proven strength, reliability and positive drive is concealed within the tower.
The unigue IPM HI-SLIDE telescoping mast enables wrapping loads up to 120" (3000 mm) tall. The built-in telescoping mast eliminates field installation of extended mast structures.
Roller-Brake uses the Ultra-Disc mechanical brake or a magnetic particle constant tension for wrapping with either stretch film or plastic netting.

Stretch Wrapper

The following models are available in the 20/20 series:

Low Profile Table

Platform Turntable

Film Tension System
Uni-Tension - fixed ratio - spring dancer
Uni-Tension - fixed ratio - air dancer
Uni-Tension - variable ratio - spring dancer
Uni-Tension - variable ratio - air dancer
Roller-Brake - ultra-disc brake
Roller-Brake - magnetic particle brake

The Uni-Tension fixed ratio power pre-stretch system, available with either constant tension spring or air dancer, has been redesigned to incorporate a quick threading cage. The film is automatically threaded around the urethane stretch rollers, idler rollers and dancer.
Also new, is the Uni-Tension "V" system which is infinitely adjustable over 400% film yield. It is available either spring or air dancer control which saves on cost and provides the ultimate in film stretch and performance.


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